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Shining a light on the heart of America's disparities

Through alleviating the struggles of marginalized communities facing poor cardiovascular treatment by providing research advice to high school students, granting insights from medical and research professionals, and pushing for advocacy through legislation, Light on the Heart serves as a voice. A voice of equity. A voice of fairness. A voice of relief. 

The Mission

Heart disease affects all walks of life, so it is crucial now, more than ever, that we work to reduce its negative impact. It is the #1 killer of minorities globally, but only 50% of people know this. Women, Black people, Asians, immigrants, the homeless, impoverished communities, and the voices of so many other minority groups are ignored in health care. Treating minority groups with respect and not brushing off their worries is crucial because these groups are the key to advancing cardiac care. 

Marginalized identities fall behind in academic medicine when few people in such communities are leading research. Let's change that. Together, we can advocate and educate others about these disadvantages in cardiovascular treatment before it is too late. Together, we can give the next generation the tools they need to pave the way for equal care. It all starts with research and advocacy. 

Take Action

What do you want to do to combat misdiagnoses in cardiovascular health?

The Blog

Read, learn, comment, and contribute to The Blog! Topics ranging from healthcare and research to keys to acing high school are covered. 


Thank you to our wonderful partners for your inspiring work!

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Latest Publications

Learn about current advancements in cardiology, inequity in healthcare, and tips to make the most out of your high school experience. 

Whether it be through reading an article, sharing it with a friend, or interacting with a post, your engagement helps Light on the Heart impact as many people as possible. Please take a minute to read an article below!

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