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Inspiring others to research, signing legislature, partnering with organizations, and advocating for minority groups-- Light on the Heart does it all!

There is a severe lack of treatment and representation of women in cardiology in America. Light on the Heart aims to change that by providing a platform to learn more about the rising importance of your heart and help women find their place as the leaders of research and medicine. We are changemakers, pushing for advocacy through legislation, education on current events, and what you can do to help minority groups increase their quality of life.


Every voice counts; so take what you need from this site and share to benefit others. we are open to all questions and would love to have you on the team! Please send all inquiries or partnership requests to

Signing a Contract


Help us pass acts promoting the inclusion of women in all clinical trials. 


Here are some programs you can join to learn more about inequity in diagnoses. 

Team Building Session

Speaker Series

Learn about what people are doing to combat inequity in healthcare, and be inspired by their stories!

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