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Heartful Matters

Join us for the speaker series, where we interview professionals in medicine and research to explore your own passions and interests!

Your Story Matters.

Elevating the hearts of all

Let us amplify the hearts of people impacted by injustices in healthcare. Stories contain transformative powers that allow us to learn from marginalized communities whose voices are silenced. Share your story below, or take a minute to lighten the hearts of those who shared theirs. 

Aiming to amplify the voices of hundreds of voices, Light on the Heart hopes to utilize oral history in order to give a spotlight to the voices of silenced communities. This series explores injustices surrounding healthcare that may have stemmed from race, religion, gender, socioeconomic status, or more. Lighten the load on your heart through the experiences of others- you are not alone.
Please fill out the form above in order to share your story. All voices are kept anonymous.
Coming soon!

- AB

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