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About Us

Light on the Heart is a non-profit established by a high schooler in Massachusetts. The founder has a close family member who was affected by heart disease and lacked fair treatment due to being part of a minority group. Light on the Heart is dedicated to providing guidance in starting scientific research and mentorship in STEM throughout high school.


We aim to create equality in cardiovascular care on the foundation of research and pave the way for advancements in healthcare from a diverse background of change-makers.

The Goal

Light on the heart has 3 main goals...

1. Shine a light on the inequities minority groups face in cardiovascular care and combat these injustices through legislation and advocacy  

2. Lighten high schoolers' heavy load on their hearts by making their lives easier. From tips and tricks from a high schooler who has experienced the process, Light on the Heart will help students find research opportunities and provide insight from college admissions officers on how they should best spend their quick years in high school.

3. Bring awareness to the mental aspect of the heart through initiatives and fundraisers for people at a socioeconomic disadvantage and facing certain diseases.


Light on the Heart is founded by a high school student striving to create not just a safe community, but a happy one. People in their community often face denial of a good quality of life, and their aim is to shine light on these injustices by sharing personal experiences and helping others in discovering their passions along the way.


Light on the Heart's dedicated team is committed to making a difference.

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