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Pushing for Change the Write Way

Help draft legislation or sign bills to promote the inclusion of minorities in more clinical trials and research. Minority voices have been silenced in the workplace, at home, and at the hospital for far too long. Listening to the stories of minority communities can reveal so many truths about heart disease that can advance the future of cardiovascular medicine.

Advocate for Minorities with Heart Disease

Heart disease research, inclusion in clinical trials, and affordable health insurance all come from public policy and legislation. Light on the Heart helps minority groups such as people of color, Indigenous groups, and women advocate for themselves by bettering federal policies. 

Learn how to make your voice heard, with your legislator, doctor, insurance provider, and more. 

Send an email to Congress

Take one minute to advocate for minorities in cardiovascular care and prevent misdiagnoses! Feel free to edit the message to your elected official as you see fit. Personal stories will help better advocate for your community. 

Thanks for submitting!

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