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Get into your dream schools!

Get first-hand advice from college admissions officers to best navigate the admissions process and land an acceptance to your dream school. The Light on the Heart portal allows you to view personal interviews with admissions officers from top colleges, scholarship application guidelines, and personal mentorship from high schoolers who have been through the process!

College Admissions Now

The college admissions process is very competitive. We want to provide you with resources in order to ease the load on your heart during one of the most stressful, yet rewarding, periods of your life.

The applicant pool of Ivy League schools is increasing, with the number of acceptances decreasing in response. Harvard's acceptance rate is now 4%, Yale's is 5.3%, and Columbia's is at 4.1%

SAT/ACT scores have become optional in most colleges. This means that a good test grade is NOT going to be enough to get you in

With all these new challenges, it is more important now than ever before that you stand out in your college journey

Learn how to excel with Light on the Heart...

The Keys

From the Students

If you feel completely lost in your journey, you are not alone! Read key advice from former high school students who have been in your exact position.

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